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The Collector's Club.

A little back story into how the club came to be, and how the world we know today, turned into a world of war, famine and death.

The year is


Alien life has just been discovered in the Universe. Earth is abuzz with excitement and fear; will they be friend or foe? School is out, shops are closed, and the entire human race is gathered around their TV’s watching the landing.

This will be the first time in history that aliens have visited earth announced and broadcasted live. Billions of people watch a dark and sinister ship slowly break the cloud line, coming down, down, down…

The ship lands, clouds of smoke and dust fill the air, followed by a strong high-pitched hiss that can be heard all around the world, broadcasted through everyone’s electronics. The hiss grows louder and louder, deafening the population. People turn off the TV’s, but the high-pitched hiss is still inside their brains.

On this day humanity turned on each other, and on the unknown creatures inside the ship. There was a war of epic proportions. Earth's nations formed alliances and truces to stop the onslaught of ships breaking through the atmosphere. For 18 years we fought them tooth and nail, unfortunately nothing worked in the long run….

Now it is predicted that only a few thousand humans remain. The other worldly creatures sustained massive fatalities from nuclear war, it is said that there may be some left roaming the lands. Although there have been reports of 10 unique and amazing creatures roaming the world. The earth we once knew is gone, all that is left Is a barren wasteland.

The humans that survived have formed a Club, a gang, whatever you want to call it. It’s a place where you can sleep easy knowing that someone has got your back. A brotherhood of sorts.

These days there is not much left to do on earth except for collecting the souls of those who oppose us.
I guess they were foe after all….


The Collector's Club was formed with the intention of creating the best possible project in all aspects, whether that be art, utility, business values, long term sustainability, we have it covered.

The most important thing a business can focus on is long term sustainability. That is why at The Collector's Club, we are building things today that will last a lifetime.

As we move forward on our journey we adapt, we change, and we grow. But we never lose sight of our 3 pillars.

Group 107-min